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We build a reliable business environment with optimized convergence security services
with a group of information protection expert.

Security compliance diagnostics

Support clients to evaluate IT policies and systems related to IT security according to existing group and corporate regulations

      Compliance and Risk
      Audit collection
      Procedure Consultant
      Training on demand

Security system architecture and implementation

Design an optimal security system architecture to enhance information security for clients along with searching for relevant partners
Execute implementation and oversee performance of vendors to ensure new security to be able to deliver expected performance.

    Consulting to build Infrastructure Security Endpoint Security
    Network Security
    Web Security
    Data Security
    Cloud Security

Security management

Perform regular inspection of information security for customers, and perform upgrade of the system on information security to ensure optimal performance.

      Optimize Policies
      Hardening Network, EndPoint devices
      Incident response
      Health-check monthly

Vulnerability assessment

Conduct mock-hacking in order to assess the vulnerability of the current IT system which including penetration testing, product assessment, network scanning, and situational awareness.

      Vulnerability assessment
      Penetration testing
      Product assessment
      Network Scanning
      Vulnerability scanning
      Situational awareness