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Lotte Data Communication Vietnam enables successful business transformation with AWS

Has the pandemic changed the way LDCV does business in Vietnam and supports businesses in their transformation and operational efficiency with AWS?

In 2020, LDCV had its revenues reduced by 12 per cent. Nonetheless, we have resiliently adapted and brought our business back to normal during 2021. By implementing an onsite task force for 24/7 support during the lockdowns, we, together with our clients, have overcome such a challenging time while ensuring high service quality.

Furthermore, our service portfolio has been expanded to include more digital services to accommodate the increasing demand in the market.

Also, for AWS-related projects, for example for one of our clients in South Korea, we helped to decrease resource usage by half while increasing performance by 20 per cent leveraging native libraries on the AWS system. In another case for a global retail client, we supported to lower response time by 75 per cent through applying AWS's hosting service and advanced content delivery network.

Additionally, AWS used to be seen as an expensive platform for large businesses. However, LDCV has helped many small- and medium-sized businesses go to the cloud effortlessly and inexpensively. With the experience of AWS in optimising and monitoring, we have helped clients run businesses flexibly to scale in peak seasons with optimised costs.

We perceive an increasing need for digital transformation across all industries to cope with the pandemic, especially for banking and retail industries. Based on conversations with our clients, we have decided to change our strategic direction to emphasise digitalisation services, including cloud and software as a service (SaaS).

Within the increasing needs for digital transformation, we see the shift towards cloud usage the most clearly. During lockdowns, companies are unable to manage on-premise servers and networks while still needing to maintain their operations. On-cloud virtual office applications, as a result, are highly demanded to satisfy the remote work trend that is also expected to stay.

Additionally, the booming demand for online shopping during social distancing has forced e-commerce and delivery companies to migrate towards cloud platforms to ensure cost-effective operations.

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