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We provide total data centre services to help client realize their business needs.

Co-location/Rack rental

Offer a place to ensure that your servers will run efficiently and smoothly without any worry in mind.

Virtual server/Cloud

Offer virtual storage for your file, no need to invest in purchasing servers.

Dedicated server

Allow you to rent a specific servers on specific space in the rack system.

DCIM Service

On-site management of your server and storage along with remote monitoring services 24/365.

Key advantages

  • Downtime prevention
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Rich experience in managing equipment from multiple vendors
  • Proactive incident management
  • Optimized performance and capacity

Our data center is designed to ensure 99.98% uptime

Specification Co-Lo Rack Dedicated Server Rack Cage
Service initialization fee Free Free Free
Rack space 1U ~ 42U 42U 1U ~ 42U From 08 racks
Separate an isolated area with an iron cage no no no yes
Power capacity 1000 ~ 5000W From 5000W 1000 ~ 5000W From 8 * 5000W
Maximum domestic internet speed Flexible according to customer requirements
The amount of information sent and received Flexible according to customer requirements
Network port 100 Mbps/ 1000Mbps
Monitor online bandwidth traffic yes
Technical support yes
Configuration of the device Flexible according to customer requirements
Data Transfer Unlimited